Compensation Communication: How to Create a Pay Structure That Makes Sense and Improves Performance

Dec 1, 2020 - 01:00 PM EDT
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Salary expenses are generally the largest fixed cost and employer has. By creating a salary structure that is rational and linking it to a merit system, you will have a tool that will be very effective in helping you to control your salary expenses. This webinar will provide you with the basic concepts and understanding on how to create a salary structure and link it to a merit system. 
This webinar will help you answer the following questions:
  • How much of a salary increase is too much, too little?
  • How can I distinguish between excellent, average and poor performers?
  • What should I offer as a starting pay rate?
  • How can I control my salary related costs?
After this webinar you will be able to create a Salary Structure that:
  • Is easy to understand, everyone know the rules
  • And supervisors like because it:
  1. Minimizes defensiveness
  2. Minimizes "squeaky wheel" approach to increases 

Course Objective:

By the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to develop a:
  • Systematic approach to starting pay
  • Systematic approach to salary increases
  • Fair, equitable, rational approach to merit pay
  • System that minimizes pay discrimination and preferential treatment claims

Course Outline:

  • Create  ADA Job Descriptions (helpful)
  • Create Job Families
  • Compare to Current Situation
  • Create Salary Structure
  • Match Jobs to Structure
  • Obtain Current Salary Data
  • Create Pay Grade Matrix
  • Link Matrix to Merit/Promotion System

Target Audience:

  • Business Owners, Managers 
  • Chief Financial Officers 
  • Human Resource Professionals 
  • Compensation professionals
  • Financial Professionals 
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