Temporary Worker Initiative and Multi-Employer Worksites How OSHA Views Worker Relationships

Linda Light

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With a rise in the use of temporary and contract labor, OSHA is cracking down on agencies and employers alike who fail to understand their worker relationships and keep all their workers safe and healthy. The head of OSHA has made it clear through a Temporary Worker Initiative and a Multi-Employer Worksite Citation Policy that companies must understand their responsibilities to provide a safe workplace. It is important to know contract language and “control issues” and its impact on how OSHA views employment relationships. 

Ever wonder what your company’s responsibilities are for temporary employees and contract workers? Do you wonder who pays for personal protective equipment or who records injuries on the OSHA log? Do you wonder whether your company can get cited if an employee from another company gets hurt in your facility? All workers have the right to a safe and healthful workplace, so companies need to know when they are most responsible for a worker’s safety and when they share responsibility for keeping workers safe.

Course Objective

This webinar is your company’s opportunity to get the clear understanding of OSHA’s view of employment relationships as it relates to safety. This information rich, faced paced webinar provides practical guidance on how employers and staffing agencies must work together jointly to provide temporary workers a safe workplace. You will also learn how to evaluate how contractors and host employers share responsibility to keep workers safe. 

You will learn how to define creating, exposing, controlling and correcting employers and how contractor safety programs can be an effective first step in communicating expectations. The tips you learn will not only ensure you meet the specific OSHA standards, but will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s safety program. 

We will also discuss how OSHA inspectors determine which companies can get cited in multi- employer worksites and in joint relationships with staffing agencies. This webinar will answer questions and much more to help you evaluate your company’s worker relationships and what actions your company must take related to all workers’ safety.

Course Outline

  • Bottom –line benefits of how OSHA defines worker relationships
  • What are the three parts of OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative
  • Avoid the unnecessary costs that could result from hefty OSHA fines
  • Prevent workplace accidents and injuries . . . subsequent lawsuits
  • Implement OSHA’s recommended practices for protecting temporary workers.
  • Understand who records and reports occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Determine how to evaluate the effectiveness of your contractor safety program.
  • Recognize contract language related to which entity is primarily responsible for a worker’s safety.
  • Learn how to determine creating, exposing, controlling and correcting employers in a multi-employer work.

Target Audience

Target Audience:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Professionals
  • Plant Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Superintendents and foremen
  • Safety committee Members
  • Risk Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
Targeted Industries: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Government agencies 
  • Construction 
  • Healthcare
  • Distribution/Warehousing
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Hospitality
  • Service Providers

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Speaker: Linda Light,

Linda Light has spent more than two decades in Occupational Safety and Health with a primary focus in OSHA training. She is considered one of the foremost experts in safety training. Linda has been an authorized OSHA outreach trainer for over twenty years. Linda is also a trainer at an OSHA Training Institute and trains other safety professionals to be more effective safety trainers. Her training sessions focus on adult learning techniques, delivery tools, presentation skills and information participants need to ensure compliance, protect people and profits, reduce workers’ injuries, minimize legal risks, and stay current with regulatory issues. Linda works with companies in all types of industries including, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, distribution, education, hospitality, social services, utilities, etc. Linda has a unique skill of taking the confusion out of technical regulatory information and making it easy to understand.

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